Room-filling sound Without Speakers

Utilizing a unique method of amplification, Pingree harnesses the warmth of live performance with modern conveniences like wireless connectivity, portability, and compact design. Pingree is essentially a cross between a boombox and an acoustic guitar. 


Portable Performance

11" x 7" x 1.2"  Rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Physical Equalizer

Rotate the foot. Adjust your audio experience.

1. Silicone rubber foot - Soft rubber keeps Pingree from dancing off your table. 

2. Fiber reinforced electronics cavity.

3. Carefully selected maple panels from the Great Lakes region. 

4. Silicone rubber pad & gasket. 

5. Familiar user interface. Power/pair - Volume.

6. Micro USB charging port.

7. Auxiliary input to allow for nearly any device to play through Pingree.

8. Anodized 6061 Extruded aluminum frame.

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