Cleaning up the sound

Another substantial improvement in functionality and sound. I made a few of these prototypes and was pretty certain that I was going to stop here. Luckily I didn't. The bass response greatly increased at this point. Also, everything sounded significantly less "muddy." Mainly because in this model, I discovered the most important factor in sound quality. It wasn't the species of wood, or the thickness. It was actually the proportions of the panels and how freely they can vibrate. There was nothing attached to the panels at this point. They could sing away without restriction. The amplifier didn't have to work as hard and the battery/amp combo I recently rigged up lasted much longer on one charge. I was taking this everywhere with me. Watching movies with it. Going to the beach. Bringing it to class. Even playing white noise through it while I slept.


The lasercut plywood frame just had to go. It was labor intensive, inconsistent, and overall, the construction didn't allow for expansion and contraction. The electronics I put together worked well, but not good enough. It was under powered and would distort at high volume. My search for answers continued.