This is where things got interesting. Pingree grew, and so did its sound. Overall volume increased dramatically. It looked like a thing, a thing you could actually use or buy. The addition of a rechargeable lithium ion battery allowed for hours of playback. The rectilinear form seemed reminiscent of a boom box and it seemed like a familiar object already. I began toying with the idea of running a kickstarter for this at this point. Everyone who saw it and heard it loved it. The idea was marketable, but it couldnt be reproduced effeciently.


After a long night in my shop I finished the very first prototype of Pingee. Then, it was just an experiment. Crudely designed with only 1 transducer and a under powered amplifier. Essentially a wooden box that vibrated. It worked impressively well. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. I marveled over the absurdity that a flat wooden surface could play Red Hot Chili Peppers at an audible and pleasant volume.